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Extend Battery Life

Multiple stage drawing algorithms optimizations allowed us to completely update the watch screen in only 2 milliseconds, reducing the CPU load. We achieved 2x extension in watch battery life.
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Ambient Mode

Bright and clear ambient mode with only the main watch face elements will tell you what time is now even if you glance at the clock for a moment.
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High Performance

Optimized for performance and long time use, the watch face makes Android Wear watches more user friendly. You don't have to charge your device once a day anymore.
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  • VPN connection monitoring with disconnection handling
  • Best VPN solutions with daily updates
  • Significant increase of personal data safety
  • Highest anonymity on the Internet

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VPN Watcher on Mac


We offer all VPN companies to provide information for the VPN Watcher database


Thousands of potential clients

Thousands of potential clients are searching for VPN solutions at the desired locations using VPN Watcher for iOS and Android and also using Advisor feature of the desktop version.
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Daily updates

Stay up-to-date with our VPN Watcher servers database daily updates. All the information is updated once in 12 hours.
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Easy Access And Setup

Make life easier for your customers with simple New Connection Wizard and predefined servers in VPN Watcher.
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D. Crawford
Tech analyst

And that’s it! When we added uTorrent it started up immediately, and then shut down the second we disconnected our VPN service. Excellent.


Thanks for this info as i think a vpn watcher is really a handy tool to prevent a tool to work unless the active vpn connection is on

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